Oil, Gas and Mining Industries

Sparx Oil & Gas and Industrial Equipment Clients

Our skills at rapid development combined with high-reliability engineering make us a natural fit to meet the rigorous demands of our customers in the Oil, Gas, and Mining Industries.

Medical Technology

Sparx Medical Device Design Clients

Sparx has years of experience designing for consumer and military medical environments. From life support equipment to cutting edge software tools, Sparx can deliver products that stand up to the rigors of FDA compliance and military standards certification.

Research and Academia

Sparx Engineering Research and Academic Partners

Sparx has supported numerous research projects through partnerships with universities and government organizations. As part of a research team, Sparx can deliver engineering tools, software, and devices to bring research projects to real-world testing environments.

Biotech and Pharmaceutical

Sparx Engineering Biotech and Pharma Clients

Sparx has supported a variety of biotech and pharmaceutical companies by creating custom electronics and software for optimizing research processes, automating manufacturing, and applying new technology to assist pharma research and production. We are familiar with working within the constraints of quality control processes, FDA requirements, and creating technology that must operate in various classifications of ISO cleanroom environments.

Marketing and Media Installations

Sparx Interactive Media Campaign Clients

Sparx has delivered custom interactive media electronics and software to support marketing and media needs of many large companies. We have a unique ability to combine high tech with entertainment in order to actively engage potential customers on our clients' behalf. Sparx is able to create innovative and dynamic experiences by working directly with the end customer or through advertising agencies or production teams.

Other Industries

Diverse Product Development Clients

No matter the industry, Sparx can offer custom development services to meet the demanding needs of our clients.


Sparx Professional Societies and Affiliations

Sparx Engineering is affiliated with a variety of technical organizations and industry partners. Participating in industry events allows the engineers at Sparx to stay current with new technologies and best practices. Sparx Engineering is a registered professional engineering firm in the State of Texas, is a registered service bureau for Altium's electronics CAD software, and is an Altera Design Services Partner for FPGA development and design.

Industry Examples

Closed Loop Control Oxygen Concentrator Study

Clinical Research

Ventilator / O2 Concentrator Study

Through a grant funded by the US Air Force, Sparx is developing a research tool for a University of Cincinnati study on Closed Loop Control of Oxygenation.

Sparx is creating a control system to interface a ventilator with an oxygen concentrator, with the ventilator controlling the oxygen delivery via closed-loop control algorithms.

Sparx Industrial Motor Control and Automation

Industrial Equipment

Electronic Motor Control

Sparx has extensive experience in motor control applications from both a hardware and software perspective. We have designed motor control electronics and embedded control software for small DC motors all the way up to three phase industrial motors.

Recently, Sparx was contracted to develop a motor control system for Fluid Systems. Custom hardware and software were created to provide variable motion control of the equipment.

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