Engineering Blog Launch – Welcome!

Shuttle LaunchWelcome to the new blog of Sparx Engineering! We’ll be using this site as a way to discuss and share different topics that interest us. We have a highly skilled team of engineers that provide innovation services and consulting to a wide variety of clients and industries.

After years of internal emails with subject lines like “Check this out”, “This new eval board is ridiculous”, and “We need this”, where we give our thoughts and ideas on technology and news, we decided these discussions should be shared.

Feel free to jump in on the discussion: ask questions, give your opinion, argue, add some context or whatever else you’d like to add to our posts.  Share it around the web if you find something we write interesting – all the usual buttons are there for you to click.

You can find us on a few of the social media outlets:

If you have your own project that you’re working on or evaluating and need some help, that’s why we exist. Our goal as engineers and entrepreneurs is to solve problems and create things – we’re here to help whether that happens as a blog comment or as a full project.

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  1. David says:

    Looking forward to seeing what starts showing up on here.

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